Life Hacks

20 Clever Hotel Hacks to Enhance Your Travel Experience

Tips For The Key Card

While many individuals acknowledge the importance of this safety measure, it can still be bothersome for some. We are referring to the key card, which serves as a means to activate the lights. Interestingly, any card of the same size and fitting can be utilized for this purpose, whether it’s a bank card or a playing card from a deck. This clever workaround ensures a constant supply of electricity!

Can Opener

Have you ever brought drinks you purchased into your hotel room? It’s a common occurrence. However, what do you do if you buy a cold drink in a bottle and realize you don’t have a can opener? Of course, you could call the front desk and request one, but we have a more enjoyable and quicker solution. Take a closer look at the hotel door. You can utilize the door hinge as a makeshift bottle opener.

Bacterial protection

Legend has it that the remote control is the most unclean item in a hotel room, as it often goes untouched during the cleaning process. While other surfaces are typically wiped down, dusted, and sanitized, the remote control tends to be neglected. Due to the frequent handling by various individuals, it can harbor a significant amount of bacteria. To minimize exposure to germs, it is advisable to cover the remote control with a plastic bag or a shower cap. This precautionary measure is not only recommended by us but also implemented in hospitals worldwide, further emphasizing its effectiveness.

Noise prevention

Hotels can sometimes become quite lively at night, particularly when traveling during warmer seasons. One common issue is the thin walls, which allow noise to easily penetrate into your room. While it’s understandable that people tend to be louder while on vacation, I have a helpful tip that can come to your rescue in such situations! If you find yourself surrounded by excessive noise, you can attempt to switch rooms. However, if that option is not available, there’s another trick you can try. Simply request an additional towel from the hotel staff and place it strategically between the doorways. This simple act can significantly reduce the noise coming from the corridors and provide you with a more peaceful environment.