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Is Prince Harry truly the biological son of Prince Charles?

Army Officer May Be the Real Father!

There are persistent rumors suggesting that Prince Harry may not be the biological son of Prince Charles. These rumors often link him to James Hewitt, a former army officer and one of Princess Diana’s former lovers.

Riding Instructor

The resemblance between Prince Charles and Prince Harry has been a subject of doubt, as both have different hair colors. Prince Harry’s red hair has led some to speculate that James Hewitt could be his father.


Princess Diana and James Hewitt had an affair that lasted approximately five years, overlapping with the time of Prince Harry’s conception. Both Diana and James Hewitt have publicly acknowledged their relationship.

Baptism of Son Harry and Meghan

Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan’s son, Archie, was baptized in Queen Elizabeth II’s private chapel. Official photos from the baptism revealed that Archie also has ginger-colored hair, further fueling speculation about his paternity.

These ongoing discussions and the visual evidence have prompted questions about whether Prince Charles is indeed Prince Harry’s biological father. To form your own conclusion, you can read more and view the accompanying photos on the next page.