The Benefits of Soaking Your Gold Jewelry in Beer

You can save discolored gold jewelry

While placing your gold jewelry in a glass of lager may seem unusual, there’s a good reason behind it! Don’t despair if you have any gold jewelry you no longer wear due to its discolored and grimy appearance over the years, don’t despair. You can effortlessly restore its shine with a simple technique. All you’ll need is your jewelry, some beer, and a clean cloth.

The Perfect Pairing: Dazzling Jewelry and Aged Beer


Let’s begin with the basics. Silver jewelry undergoes reactions with environmental substances like air, water, and dust, which can result in a dull and dark appearance. Oxygen, in particular, tends to darken silver, while water contributes to corrosion. This natural process is known as oxidation. On the other hand, pure gold does not undergo oxidation. However, due to its softness, pure gold is unsuitable for crafting jewelry.

Diamond Silver

Were you aware that you can restore the shine of jewelry, such as diamond (or imitation diamond) rings, by gently brushing them with a soft toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste? This technique can also be applied to silver jewelry. Once brushed, rinse the jewelry with water and allow it to dry.


Due to the brittleness of pure gold, gold jewelry is typically crafted using copper, nickel, or zinc as a base metal, which is then coated with a layer of gold. However, these base metals tend to oxidize, resulting in a deterioration in the appearance of your gold jewelry over time.