This Simple Trick Makes Hacking Your iPhone’s Touch ID a Breeze! Breaking In is Easier Than You Think!

The Adversary of Your iPhone’s Touch ID: Play-Doh

Reaching a significant milestone in a relationship is often marked by the moment when you become aware of your partner’s phone password. While trust plays a vital role in this scenario, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want them to have unrestricted access to your phone, including all your apps and personal information. It’s not about hiding anything from them, but rather acknowledging the importance of maintaining a certain level of privacy. After all, everyone values their personal space, don’t they?

Touch ID

The landscape of phone security underwent a significant transformation with the introduction of iPhone’s Touch ID. This innovative feature allows users to unlock their phones solely through their fingerprints. By simply pressing their finger on the device, the fingerprint is scanned, granting access to the user. This system is considered secure, as each individual possesses a unique fingerprint. However, an unexpected vulnerability emerged, revealing that even a simple material like Play-Doh can compromise phone privacy. Surprisingly, Play-Doh can be utilized to hack into someone’s phone effortlessly.

Break in

In 2016, at the Mobile World Congress, a Chinese mobile security company called Vkansee achieved a surprising feat by successfully bypassing the security of every iPhone they tested using a simple tool: Play-Doh. This unexpected discovery highlighted the potential security vulnerability that Play-Doh poses to phone privacy. It may sound peculiar, but it underscores the importance of addressing even seemingly unconventional risks in the realm of mobile security.