Discover the Hidden and Bizarre Features of Your iPhone Camera!

Discover This Unusual iPhone Feature!

The iPhone is a compact handheld device that functions as a versatile computer, capable of performing a wide range of tasks. From making phone calls and using messaging apps like WhatsApp, to watching movies and reading books, the iPhone offers a plethora of applications to cater to your needs. Additionally, it boasts a top-notch digital camera, ensuring high-quality photos and videos. With its extensive array of features, it’s likely that you’re unaware of many of them, and may not even utilize them to their full potential.

Discover This Unusual Feature You Probably Didn’t Know About!


Your iPhone possesses the capability to analyze the content of your photos. The device is equipped with advanced technology that can identify numerous objects, scenes, environments, and even facial expressions, and assign them specific categories. For instance, it can categorize items as ‘glasses’, ‘bags’, or ‘dresses’. To experience this feature, you can navigate to the Gallery on your iPhone and tap on the search icon located within the ‘Albums’ section.