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Must-Try Filipino Delicacies for Travelers


Adobo, a beloved dish in the Philippines, holds a prominent position among local culinary favorites. This delectable meal showcases a variety of options, including pork, beef, seafood, chicken, or vegetables, all marinated in a delightful blend of vinegar, garlic, and soy sauce. After marinating, the ingredients are cooked in oil and then gently simmered in the remaining marinade, allowing the flavors to meld together perfectly.

To truly savor the authentic taste of Adobo, one must venture to the bustling streets or local restaurants, where it is widely available and highly sought after. Additionally, market stalls and food courts across the country offer this culinary delight, making it easily accessible to all. The affordability of Adobo is another appealing aspect, with prices ranging from $1-2, equivalent to 40-60 pesos. To complete the experience, Adobo is traditionally served with generous portions of fluffy white rice, creating a satisfying and fulfilling meal.


This is an ideal starter dish for those with adventurous palates. It is a traditional afternoon snack that holds great popularity in the Philippines. It is commonly purchased from street vendors, but it is important to prioritize cleanliness to avoid any potential stomach issues later on. Although it may resemble a regular boiled egg, cracking it open reveals an 18-day-old duck embryo. This partially developed duckling is enjoyed by cracking the shell from one end and removing the top. The soup inside is then consumed, and a sprinkle of salt is added to the remaining contents before finishing the dish. Many individuals claim that the taste resembles that of chicken. To truly ascertain the flavor, it is best to experience it firsthand.


This incredible dish primarily consists of grilled milkfish sourced from the Philippines. The milkfish is typically fried and served with soy sauce, garlic, or vinegar. It is widely available in market stalls and food courts and can be purchased for approximately $2, equivalent to 60-80 pesos.