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Over 50 Clever Tips to Help You Save Money at the Supermarket

Only Shop The Outside Aisles Of The Grocery Store

When exploring a grocery store, one cannot help but notice that the perimeter is dedicated to housing healthier and fresher food options such as dairy products, meats, and produce. On the other hand, the center aisles are predominantly occupied by indulgent treats, along with cleaning supplies and household items.

By keeping this layout in mind and primarily sticking to the outer aisles during grocery shopping, individuals can save both time and money on each trip. However, when there is a need to venture into the “forbidden” aisles, it is crucial to have a clear idea of the desired item’s location and swiftly navigate through them. After all, resisting temptation can only last for a limited time.

 Buy Store Or No-Name Brands

As a result of persuasive marketing strategies, consumers are naturally inclined towards brand-name items, akin to moths being drawn to a flame. However, this subconscious attraction to popular products often comes at a high cost for shoppers, depleting their hard-earned finances. It is worth noting that for every branded product, there exists a more affordable “no-name” counterpart.

When navigating the aisles of a grocery store, it is almost inevitable to be lured back to the pricier brand products that one is attempting to avoid. However, by slightly adjusting one’s focus either slightly higher or lower on the shelves, one can discover less expensive alternatives to all the items they typically purchase. Surprisingly, these alternatives often possess a similar taste and quality.

Use A Smaller Cart

Resisting the temptation to buy items not on the pre-prepared shopping list can be quite challenging, especially when there is ample space in the shopping cart. It’s easy to justify adding an extra bag of chips from one aisle and a few large bottles of soda from another aisle to fill the space.

To avoid purchasing unnecessary junk food and discounted items, consider switching to a smaller cart during your grocery shopping trips. Once the smaller cart is full, it serves as a signal that the grocery trip is over. This might prompt you to reconsider buying those bottles of Coke and instead prioritize purchasing food for your family.

 Order Baked Goods From The Bakery

Opting to pre-order a cake from the bakery several days before an event, as opposed to selecting one on the day itself, can significantly enhance the overall quality of the dessert. It’s a well-known fact that baked goods specifically prepared for an individual tend to surpass those that have been sitting in the display case for extended periods, be it a day or even a week.

By investing the same amount of money in a superior-quality product, one essentially achieves the equivalent of saving money. This is an important point for all the cake enthusiasts who frequent Loblaws to bear in mind. Believe it or not, this simple hack can elevate the already beloved cake to new heights of deliciousness

Shake Off Your Produce

Many grocery stores employ staff members who walk around the produce section to water the items that require periodic moistening. Alternatively, some stores have installed timer-activated sprinkler systems to take care of indoor gardening needs. While this service is convenient and helps maintain the freshness of lettuce and cilantro, it does come at a cost. The additional water adds weight to the produce unless it is shaken off. However, in certain grocery stores, paying for the extra water is the least of your concerns. Shoppers have reported discovering venomous spiders among bunches of bananas and grapes over the years. To avoid any unpleasant surprises or additional expenses, it is advisable to shake off the produce before purchasing.