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About Deal 50

Deal50.in – The Most Important Things You Should Know About Us :

  1. As for Deal50.in – We have our Testing, Packing and Shipping Facility based in Delhi and we can send you testing photos & videos of your ordered watch – So, you can check the authenticity of the workings of the swiss movement. [We do this because most of the ‘sellers’ or so called ‘Swiss ETA sellers’ in India claim they sell swiss eta watches but they do nothing to prove this, they don’t even have real photos of the watch!]
  2. We Sell only High-End Swiss ETA watches have Authentic Swiss Movements that are cloned to perfection.
  3. We Do What We Say’ and we feel its utmost important to be as transparent as you can to your customers. You can ask us for all detailed photos & we will happily open the back cases of our Watches and send you photos & other details.
  4. We started selling Swiss Watches Online in 2012, its been 10 years since we are in the business of selling Watches [If you doubt You Can Literally Ask Us For The PROOFS – We can send you Hundreds of Courier Receipts as old as 10 years]. We Preserve all our Valuable Customer Records and strive to maintain a Long-Lasting Customer Relationship. And thus we have a ‘Regular-Ordering’ Customer Base that we have managed to keep happy for more than a decade.
More Details About our Workforce:
At Deal50.in we are a Highly Motivated, Knowledgeable and Professional Team of watch enthusiasts having an experience of more than 15 years into this business. We stand by our products and trusted customer service to provide you with a truly unique experience that the Replica Watch Market in India has always lacked.
Swiss Watches have greatly improved over the years. We make sure you have a happy experience shopping from us!
The Indian Watch Business (and Websites selling them) Loopholes:
Although Watches have greatly improved over the years, unfortunately ‘The Business of Selling ’ is another story. The world of replicas has been filled with “fly by night businesses” and all sort of websites using all sorts of different names and descriptions. Add to this many unscrupulous dealers who describe a Rs. 5,000 to 8,000 chinese copy watch as “high end” or “swiss made” and even worse – other vendors who simply defraud consumers by not sending out a watch at all – no wonder there is such confusion. So, You as a Consumer should be selective and you shall always ask for proper photos and videos of the product you are going to buy.
Most of the times the first copy websites are trying to sell you cheap chinese movement watches claiming it to be swiss movement! So, please check properly. Ask for the Live Movement or Machine Photos & Videos.
Many Genuine Watch Owners Regularly Buy From Us :
Our ‘Swiss ETA Watches’ are regularly being purchased by many affluent individuals who own the real article. This is due to the fact that – if they are wearing our timepiece – they don’t have to worry about their watch when traveling to unsafe parts of the world, as they can put on their Swiss ETA Watch knowing the original is safe and sound. And similarly, there are many such circumstances in which wearing a Genuine Swiss Watch worth lacs of Rupees is not feasible. Thus, buying a Swiss ETA Replica Watch is a great investment & can give you peace of mind as well.